Dustin Prewitt (deathstar461) wrote in highland,
Dustin Prewitt

This Is The Coolest Link Ever.

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Wow, I had no idea there were that many!

And I still can't believe our boys dissed Stacey Q's Two of Hearts - that made me so sad...
yeah.... they're sometimes kinda hard on some of my favorite bands, like Siouxsie and the Banshees.... that, and they said the guy from the Cramps could kick Iggy Pop's ass.... but I forgive them, being that they probably dont know any better, lol
They made fun of my idol, Robert Smith, too! :*(
I wish there was scripts of the episodes or at least of the videos, I always wanted to see how they made fun of the Gary Numan "Cars" video, I know they'd have a field day with that.
I think I have that episode on my computer... Ill have to look around for it to see which episode its on....

Im sure there are episode guides that list the music videos with what episode they were on.... try http://www.imdb.com or http://www.tvtome.com
Yeah, it's in the "At The Movies" episode, which I'm sure they'll never show on MTV2, stupid buttmunches.